It’s over! It’s finally over!

And no, not the Olympics. Those could keep going. My time on the Xbox Dashboard is up! Hooray! Here’s the final batch of messages for the small number of patient folk who have been reading these.

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Am I done yet?

Figured I’d just post a new part Saturday evening. I’m nearly done, right?

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Hopefully the last day of this

If last week is an example, the gamer spotlight goes up sometime after 1am EST Sunday morning…

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Friday’s inbox o’ crap

An early start. I’m sure this post will be updated later.

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Is it Sunday yet?

Seriously, it gets tiresome…

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Wednesday’s Gamer Spotlight Messages

Another day, another full inbox…

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Tuesday’s flood from the Gamer Spotlight

Another day, another batch of messages for me to (mostly) snark on…

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Some more Xbox Live Gamer Spotlight transcripts

A few more posts that either amused me, or surprised me today

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First few transcripts from being in the Xbox Live Gamer Spotlight

So I’m in the Xbox Live Gamer Spotlight this week. I appreciate the intentions, but seriously, lets show one player to everyone (well, in the US) on Xbox LIVE? You think they’d understand their community by now. Anyways, here’s one that came in by text:

Gamer Spotlight is totally “RIGGED”…Why?Because,They don’t put actual gamers up there-They put the StuckUp engineers up there,Instead!Wow…..

And here’s my attempt to transcribe a voice message:

5000 and a little bit of change in experience points, and that makes you the Gamer Spotlight person, huh? Because you can play 1 vs (short pause) out of a 100, a fucking download? Give me a break bro. I’m not impressed.

It’s worth noting that I didn’t submit my name for this, I was actually nominated by someone else. Sorry you didn’t win the prize of nine million random friend requests and messages this week sir! Better luck next time!